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[Dot-com Bubble Revisited] These 13 Startups Raised Over $2.5 Billion BUT They Failed

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  1. Webvan (founded in 1999, raised $830MM, bankrupt in 2001)
  2. eToys.com (raised $220mm prior to 1999, IPO raised $166mm – $386MM total, market capitalization of $11b in 1999, bankrupt in March 2001)
  3. Zapmail – Federal Express wrote off $320 million on this commercial failure that was a precursor to web-based document exchange
  4. AllAdvantage -Raised nearly $200 Million in venture capital and grew to more than 10 million members
  5. Asera – Churned through at least $176.2 million
  6. DeNovis – Sent all 110 employees home when it closed its doors. $125 million in venture capital
  7. Spikesource – Raise $68 million before quietly peddling the assets to Black Duck in fall 2010
  8. Zaplet ($100 million on widgets in email)
  9. DEN-Raised $60 million, quickly crashed then two of the three founders were arrested for coercing underage male employees into sex.
  10. Living.com-Launched July 1999, raised $68M. Dead in Aug 2000.
  11. Boo.com (founded 1998, raised and spent $135MM by May 2000)
  12. Pets.com (founded 1998, raised $82.5MM in IPO in February 2000, ceased operations in November 2000)
  13. Flooz.com– Raised $35 million from investors , went bankrupt in August 2001

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August 3, 2011 at 01:07

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