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How to be Lazy and Successful!

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The impulse of finding ways to avoid hard work is what drives all civilizations.

We look for ways to do things faster, easier, more efficient, so we can spend less time doing hard work and more time doing important work. The reason for this is because hard work is painful when it lacks purpose (think call centers, McDonalds, Walmart), but important work is a labor of love. It does not feel like hard work, because if it did, we would do our best to avoid it. Like my work on this site. It takes 2-4 hours for me write a post. Took me about a month to make this site with Headway. If I did not enjoy the process, if I did not feel a purpose in creating The Edge of David…guess what? It would not be what it is, or it might not even exist.

Be lazy because hard work is inversely proportional to success.

Productivity is a trap I say! Doing more is not what gets you farther in life, it is coming up with killer ideas that make a difference that pushes you along. The real hard work is forcing yourself to do more with less. Less time, less money, less relaxation, and more, more stress, more sleepy 2:30 pm’s, more disenchantment with life… but how far does that hard work get you? How valuable is that increase in productivity for your career?

The hardest working most productive person is not guaranteed to get ahead. Most of the time, they are too valuable to their employers in their current position. No, the lazy person, the person who thinks of unique, new, and creative ways to do things faster and more easily gets ahead. Why? Because they make themselves into the idea super star. They make themselves a bit more difficult to replace. The factory economy of our parents generation has been flipped on its head. Safe is not safe anymore. Safe is risky.

People who espouse the virtues of hard work do a disservice to humanity because hard work is actually counter productive to success.

It is much like the middle ages with the nobles owning all the land, having all the fun, all the sex, all the food, all the travel, and peasants working in the fields till death. Never seeing more than a 20 square miles of the Earth.

These peasant were espoused the virtues of hard work. How in the afterlife they will be rewarded for suffering through their current life. The mantra of this era was suffer now and enjoy later. This was nonsense back then and it is nonsense now.

The reward of a peaceful afterlife was used to keep peasants from revolting. The idea of hard work today is used in much the same way. To keep people in a fog. Like a sheep. Doing what they are told and trying to do more of it faster so they can be rewarded with paper. What kind of motivation is that!

To be lazy and successful requires doing important work. The work that matters. The work that makes a difference.

Lazy does not mean doing nothing, it means finding ways of avoiding painful work that has little purpose or inspiration. That benefits a corporate being or a rich person financially, and you with little more than a bit of paper to trade for food and create comforts.

Where will the flow of the current economic system take us? Do you know? Is trying to work harder and be more productive really the answer?

I don’t mean this just for individuals, but also for humanity as a whole. Understand if you accept this system you must embrace all aspects of it. Which includes giving up control of your life to its natural processes. You must trust that by blindly doing hard work, it will lead you somewhere good.

This is a pretty easy system to buy into. You know what to expect at least. You know what you will have to do. It’s not a bad deal as long as you don’t mind living a quite life of desperation as you toil away for the profit of someone or something else… but if you want more than that. If you want more for others than that, then perhaps you are not OK with having life be one long wait for a hospital stay 50 years from now.

Think about all we accomplished as humans. From Einstein’s theory of relativity, to the creation of the Internet that has destroy the information gate keeps known as the media (thousands of people read this site, this was not possible when I was born in the 80′s) to landing on the freakin moon.

When people decide to do work that matters by being lazy and trying to find solutions to the boring hard work of day to day life, it amazes me at what solutions we find. What things we create. I am simply excited to know that I will most likely be around for the next 40-50 years to see what happens next.

This is not a time in history to be lazy in the traditional sense of doing nothing. No, now more than ever we all need to be brave and bold. Thoughtful and caring. Humanity has some big big challenges coming around the bend.

I know that I want to be part of the solution. An active participant and not some sideline cubicle dweller at an insurance company that does its best to not pay claims. If that requires facing some unpleasant realizations about life, some setbacks and failures that make me want to give up then so be it. If that is the price I have to pay then I have no choice but to pay it. I would rather do work that is important to me, that helps others, than to simply settle because I am too afraid to fail. Going to my grave thinking what could have been. What could I have really done. How many people could I have helped.

Hard work is painful when it lacks purpose, but important work as I said in the beginning does not feel like work because it has a satisfying nature to it. Who wants to work all day for money. For pieces of paper? What kind of motivation is that? My friends who work corporate jobs love the idea of getting paid in less money but with more free time. Why don’t companies or economist get this? Most people are motivated by money, but to a point. No one is solely motivated by money. We also want to like what we do and feel a purpose at it.

How to be lazy and successful? Easy, get out from your own personal gripes and look at the word around you. Then ask yourself this: “How can I contribute?”.

Article by -David of edgeofdavid


Written by Mjay

August 12, 2011 at 00:23

Posted in Start up Stuff

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