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Naysayers: Believe or Listen to them at your ‘Peril’

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You can’t do it, it has been done before, It won’t work, Why don’t you get yourself a job like everybody else, Why keep wasting your time………..the lists and sayings goes on and on!


However the question remains, do you listen to them, do you believe them and do you absorb them? Because if you do, then you’re doomed to FAIL.


Often people do forget we human beings are created as individuals not in groups that must have the same social, financial, moral or political inclination to our peers, friends or families.


As an individual, differentiating yourself from groups that are prevalent towards the same thoughts, ideas, mentality etc, is not easy.  However once you have decided to embark on that long, lonely road of being different and not conforming to the ‘normality’ that the masses expect of you, then you start seeing the difference.


You start finding out who the real you ‘is’, what type of life you want to lead and what difference you want to make to yourself and the people that surrounds you.


As I have reiterated time and time again, it won’t be easy at first but taking that first step onto that path is an achievement itself.  As human beings, I believe we are all good people but even people who care the most about us often do not know who we really are or what we really want.


It is up to you, to find out what you really want and go for it. Do not listen to the ‘NAYSAYERS’, for they are a waste of your time. Let it begin!



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Written by Mjay

August 22, 2011 at 23:41

Posted in Start up Stuff

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